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Esgard manufactures premium quality paints and coatings in Scott, Louisiana. Our facilities, located miles north of the Louisiana Gulf Coast, are housed in a modern 22,000 square foot facility consisting of administrative and sales offices, laboratory, production, and storage areas, all under one roof. The company formulates and markets quality corrosion coatings to the government defense, marine, oilfield, industrial, and offshore markets. Esgard coatings protect such diverse equipment as gear and reduction systems on submarines and other naval vessels; aircraft engines for military and domestic use; ballast and void tanks on ships, drilling rigs, and barges; splash zones, production equipment and structural members on offshore structures; piping and storage tanks in chemical plants; gas pipelines and compressor stations; oilfield tubular goods; and heavy lift, large diameter wire rope.

Domestic and International Services

Established in 1973, Esgard possesses the technical expertise to fill most any coating requirement – worldwide. All products are formulated and tested in – house, thus guaranteeing top quality products from a company committed to excellence. Quality control of production batches is strictly adhered to through both Esgard-established and industry accepted standards. Contact us today for product advise, pricing, and availability.



Domestic and International Distributorships Available
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