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Esgard,  Inc.  was   founded  March 1, 1973. The company formulates and markets quality corrosion coatings to the marine, oilfield, industrial, and offshore markets. Esgard coatings protect such diverse equipment as gear and reduction systems on submarines and other naval vessels; ballast and void tanks on ships, drilling rigs, and barges; splash zones and production equipment on offshore structures; piping and storage tanks in chemical plants; and oilfield tubular goods.

Esgard began manufacturing industrial paints and offshore coatings in 1981. All of Esgard's products have been developed and tested in-house resulting in a complete line of zinc primers, epoxies, urethanes, high heat resistant silicones and maintenance enamels. Over the past several years, emphasis has been on developing VOC compliant coatings which has resulted in Esgard' s UltraGard line of high solids urethane and trend setting All Season Epoxies. More recent research and development has concentrated on waterborne technology resulting in Esgard's AquaGard line that helps eliminate hazardous waste. Together, the UltraGard and AquaGard Coating lines will be setting the standards in performance for user friendly coatings that guard against corrosion while helping to protect the environment.

Esgard    manufactures    from   new   facilities   in   Scott, Louisiana. These facilities consist of 22,000 square feet of office, laboratory and production area under one roof. All new product research and development is performed in our own lab with the latest modern paint testing equipment. Accelerated testing is accomplished with salt fog, QUV, and humidity cabinet testing. The outdoor exposure rack provides long term test results. Quality control of production batches is strictly adhered to through the means of both Esgard-established standards and industry accepted standards. Production capacity is in excess of 2500 gallons/day, utilizing modern paint manufacturing equipment. Batch to batch consistency is guaranteed.

Esgard  ensures  that  all  of  its  sales  personnel possess a strong technical understanding of paints and coatings. This is to provide the customer with one contact to both sell and service the Esgard Coatings. Emphasis is given to providing free technical service whenever our products are being used. Our Technical Service department assists whenever there are multiple, simultaneous job start ups and with the regular service trips until job completion. All service trips are well documented for future reference.

Last,  Esgard   possesses   both   the   manufacturing   and technical expertise to fill most any coating requirement. Customers are realizing there are many advantages to turning to a small manufacturers to fill their coating needs. The ability to provide customer satisfaction through quality assurance, quality products, and personal service is but one advantage. Esgard is proving itself through customer satisfaction and is positioned for the future.

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